Friday, May 15, 2015

May 22nd and 24th Class Options

Two classes being offered Memorial Day Weekend, a.k.a. Art Spring weekend= wonderful weekend. (Check out to find out more about the fun activities, art, and music around town).

Both classes to be held at Allegheny Holistic Health Care located at 220 A East Ave (Front Street), Thomas WV.
Space is limited. Registration and Confirmation is Required. You can register by replying to this email, calling/texting Anne 304-614-3478 or if you see me in person.

Friday, May 22nd 5:00-6:00PM Power Hour $10.00 Cash or Check only
A strong class for those who like to build strength, heat, and intensity as well as lengthen, soften and relax. A great way to end the week and begin the fun weekend. Not appropriate for beginners. Options given to modify the poses if needed.

Sunday, May 24th 9:00-10:15AM Soulful Sunday Slow Flow $13.00 Cash/Check
With a focus on opening, elongating, and flexibility, this class will leave you feeling balanced..and soulful. A well-rounded class hitting major posture groups (standing, balancing, seated folds, twists, etc). Appropriate for all levels. Modifications given throughout the class.
Any questions...just ask!
Thank you!


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