Sunday, November 13, 2016

MUSIC AND YOGA--Fundraiser

Yoga Community,

I am excited to offer a special FUNDRAISING, Community Yoga class this Wednesday with and for musician and artist Erika May, aka EMAY. Erika has been part of our yoga sangha (community) since moving to West Virginia in 2013. Erika will play music and sing as we amazing will that be? All money collected (minus expenses to the Thomas Education Center) will be given to EMay in support of her fundraising efforts to head out to California and self-produce a new album. Email will stick around after class to talk to folks who want to hear more about the recording, make a larger donation or purchase her other CDs. She will also provide an email list for those of you who want to stay in the loop.  ****Please see letter below from EMay****

Thanks and GRATITUDE,

Thanks for receiving this letter! I've always felt called to make authentic and beautiful music that touches people at the heart. My music often explores the grieving process, joyful experiences, and interpersonal connection. Especially in the wake of this election cycle, I feel compelled to share these messages with the world, and am entering into an amazing opportunity to do this at the next level.

Recently, I was introduced to Jimmy Hoyson, a producer who has worked with a long list of amazing artists (Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Cheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson, Ben Harper, and Ry Cooder, just to name a few). Jimmy has invited me to record at the famous "Studio D" at The Village Studios in Los Angeles. We have assembled an inspired band of top musicians, including permanent members of the Wallflowers and The Black Crowes. As you can imagine, I’m thrilled, intimidated, and incredibly grateful for this opportunity. 

This album will be a huge step in my career. Now, more than ever, I need your support.

To make the most of this opportunity, I have hired a publicity firm, a business mentor, and legal council. As you would expect, all of this costs money, and my total budget is $65,000. To maintain rights and masters to this record as I negotiate the future of my career, I am trying to pay for all of these costs directly, rather than prematurely enter into a label agreement. 

I need to raise at least half of the funds before I leave on December 1st, and am asking for support from fans and friends like yourself. Please consider making a donation now – every contribution will be deeply appreciated, no matter the size.

Here's how you can make your donation now:

Paypal:       send directly to 
                   use this handy link 
Snail Mail:   Erika May //  PO Box 40 // Dryfork, WV 26263

Every donor will receive the completed album, yet the CD isn't slated to be released until at least next spring. In the meantime, I want you to hear a few of the acoustic demos we are using as reference tracks for the album. I can give folks a free download code at class next week, or email them directly.

Please email call (412-400-8263) or email me back if you have any questions, thoughts, or would simply like to hear more! I am so excited to share this journey with the folks who have supported me for as long as you have.

Sincerely & Gratefully,

E. May

PS - If you can't contribute now, please let me know if you'd like to receive updates on our progress and other opportunities to support me on this journey!
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