Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 30th and July 2nd Classes

Friday, June 30th 5:00-6:00PM Happy Hour $10.00 Cash or Check (Space opens at 4:45pm)
A strong class for those who like to build strength, heat, and intensity as well as lengthen, soften and relax. A great way to end the week and begin the 4th of July weekend! This class is open to all levels. Modifications given throughout the class.

Sunday, July 2nd 9:00-10:15AM Soulful Sunday Slow Flow $13.00 Cash or Check (Space opens at 8:45am)
With a focus on opening, elongating, and flexibility, this class will leave you feeling balanced...and soulful. A well-rounded class hitting major posture groups (standing, balancing, seated folds, twists, etc). Appropriate for all levels. Modifications given throughout the class. Please sign-up. Space is limited.

Classes held at Allegheny Holistic Health Care in Thomas**.
Space opens up 15minutes before class
Check or cash.

**Location: Allegheny Holistic Health Care 220A East Ave (Front Street) Thomas, WV

Reservations Required: There is limited space, please email me or text/call  
304-614-3478 to reserve a space/receive confirmation
**Reservation policy: If you reserve a space and don't show/don't cancel at least by the night before class, you will be expected to pay for the class if I have to turn others away (exceptions of course if you awake ill/family emergency etc. (hangovers don't count, sorry)).


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