Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Labor Day Weekend Classes Sept 1st and 3rd

Friday, Sept 1st, 5pm-6pm Happy Hour Yoga $10.00 cash/check
This is a dynamic vinyasa practice class. Expect a creative sequence to build strength and stamina. This class may include arm balances and inversions but will always conclude with a full savasana. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow--a well rounded class leaving you feeling balanced, strong and good!
This class is for those wanting a strong, physical practice.

Sunday, September 3rd, 9am-10:15am Slow Flow $13.00 cash/check
Slowing down the flow can help you maintain control of your breath, build determination, and intensify your practice. Class will focus on smooth linking of unhurried breath with movement, mindfully holding postures for several breaths, awakening your body and clearing your mind. Explore the details of each posture at a comfortable pace to allow your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in a strength-building pose.  Expect deep hip, back and leg openings with longer holds to gain strength and increased mobility. Get into the rhythm of this truly invigorating class and find true balance in this moving meditation.  Good for all levels.

Classes held at Allegheny Holistic Health Care 220A East Ave (Front Street) Thomas, WV 
Space opens up 15minutes before class

Please sign-up. Space is limited. Please email me or text/call  304-614-3478 to reserve a space/receive confirmation

Reservation policy: If you reserve a space and don't show/don't cancel at least by the night before class, you will be expected to pay for the class if I have to turn others away (exceptions of course if you awake ill/family emergency etc. (hangovers don't count, sorry)).

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