Friday, May 27, 2016

Sunday Morning Class May 29th

Sunday May 29th, Memorial Weekend
9-10:15am $13.00/cash or check

The first half of this class will be an energetic vinyasa flow class.
Postures are used to create heat within the body to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.
The second half of the class slows down for deep unwinding and release.
Yin style poses and held poses will be used to release and open deep, connective tissues.

Location: Allegheny Holistic Health Care 220A East Ave (Front Street) Thomas, WV
****There is limited space, please email me or text/call  
304-614-3478 to reserve a space/receive confirmation*****

**Reservation policy: If you reserve a space and don't show/don't cancel at least by the night before class, you will be expected to pay for the class if I have to turn others away (exceptions of course if you awake ill/family emergency etc (hangovers don't count, sorry)).


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